There were very few things in Anelle's back pocket when she started Seven Swans 7 years ago. With a falling star (which she has been saving for a rainy day, of course), there was an Information Design degree, a stint in branding and a trusty iMac work horse bought with the insurance money that paid out when her student car was stolen. What Anelle lacked in business know-how, she made up for in passion, hard work and long hours. And she had that falling star for luck, remember! 

Today Seven Swans is a thriving design studio, creating pretties filled to the brim with heart. These days Anelle reads business books as bed time stories, can create a mean Excel spreadsheet and spends her days dreaming up new plans to delight new audiences with. With a heart beating with wanderlust, her favourite things include exploring new sights, smells and sounds, sipping on killer G&Ts and baking flapjacks on lazy Saturday mornings.