About us

With a love for well crafted design, a passionate desire to make it accessible to design-loving clients and a gap in the market for contemporary stationery in the booming South African wedding industry, Anelle Mostert started her own stationery studio in 2010. 

The creativity of the wedding industry means that we get to have fun with on-trend colour palettes, contemporary design layouts and voguish printing methods all while creating deeply personal designs for our clients. It is no wonder our first love will always be wedding stationery, but our gusto for pretty-making has seen us branch out into creating retail products with our own taste in mind; from gifting stationery and art prints to an ever growing list of template designs! Making our design work available to an even wider audience has made us very happy Swans!


There were very few things in Anelle's back pocket when she started Seven Swans 7 years ago. With a falling star (which she has been saving for a rainy day, of course), there was an Information Design degree, a stint in branding and a trusty iMac work horse bought with the insurance money that paid out when her student car was stolen. What Anelle lacked in business know-how, she made up for in passion, hard work and long hours. And she had that falling star for luck, remember! 

Today Seven Swans is a thriving stationery studio, creating pretties filled to the brim with heart. These days Anelle reads business books as bed time stories, can create a mean Excel spreadsheet and spends her days dreaming up new plans to delight new audiences with. With a heart beating with wanderlust, her favourite things include exploring new sights, smells and sounds, sipping on killer G&Ts and baking flapjacks on lazy Saturday mornings.