The extra details stationers would like to know

Over in the Swan Pond (our cozy little Cape Town studio) the main thing, way above beautiful fonts and luxurious foils, that gets our hearts beating faster is LOVE. It's corny but we really do love, love. It's the reason we have cheesy big smiles on our faces while working on your designs, the reason an afternoon spent sticking stickers is filled with laughter, it's the reason we do what we do.

Amongst all the wedding planning chaos and budget stresses it can be so easy to forget that this, your wedding, is such a beautiful moment shared between you, your partner and your nearest and dearest. Each couple is so different, each story so unique and that's what makes a stationer’s job so wonderful (lucky us!).

To ensure your wedding stationery is personal and a true representation of you as a couple (and your wedding day), be sure to share the following extra details:

1 | Personal details
What makes you and your partner tick, what has special meaning for you both as a couple, what makes you, you? Are you both architects with a love for all things minimalist? Or a surprise pairing of a city slicker and farm girl? Are you including daisies in your flowers because it's a family tradition or a specific colour to honour a family member or friend who passed away? The more the stationer knows about these details the better! Perhaps even use our handy stationery workbook download to jot down a few personal details you want to include in your wedding day.

2 | Were you referred by a friend?
Did the stationer do your friend's stationery? Let them know! Then, if you have similar styles or taste they’ll be sure to avoid the same fonts and colours. Easy peasy!

3 | What elements do you have your heart set on?
It is great for a stationer to know what elements are most important to you (use the checklist in our wedding stationery workbook to get an idea of all the things you could include!). While everyone wishes they could spend unlimited amounts of money on each and every detail that's rarely the case (nor should it be). The wedding is just the beginning of your beautiful lives together and budgets are very good things to stick to ;)

If we know, for example, that the wedding invitation is the most important item to you then we'll suggest splurging a little there and look at beautiful (and cost effective) options for the rest of the stationery. Perhaps you're a chef who isn't too fussed about the stationery but would like the menu to stand out – then go with lovely e-invitations, minimal stationery on the day and think of something striking for the menus!

4 | Budget
We understand that you might not want to reveal your budget right from the get go, thinking the stationer will bump up the prices and max out your wedding fund. In our previous post we touched on really connecting with your stationer and choosing a designer you can trust. If you have done this, sharing your budget with them should be no problem! You see, if we at Seven Swans knew you had X to spend on your invites and Y left to spend on your stationery for the day, we promise to strategically find the absolute best design solution for your needs. We’ll consider your full design brief, the elements you love (from Point 3) and your budget to come up with formats, printing methods and ideas that are not only beautiful, but also suit your budget.

Let’s quickly summarise the most important things from these 4 points:

  • Stationers love love, so tell them about yours!
  • Are there any personal or unique touches you'd like incorporated into your stationery?     
  • What are your most important items of stationery?
  • What are the budget guidelines you would like to stick to?

After having covered the technical details of your wedding stationery as well as your wedding style in the previous post, and then these extra personal details to keep in mind, your stationer should have an excellent brief! YAY!

In our next post we’ll touch on timelines and processes to give you a better idea of how the whole stationery-creation-thing works! Until then, happy planning!

The Swans