Understanding the creative process

Oh boy, the creative process can be tricky sometimes. You've spent countless hours sifting through designers websites, sent a couple of emails, looked at cost estimates and finally found the stationer of your dreams, yay! Then the first designs come your way and, sadly, it's just not what you were expecting.

Firstly, let me jump in and say that this is never the intention. The best thing in the world is receiving emails from happy clients and our hearts get so sad when we haven't hit the mark first time round.

It's also very important to know that it's 100% ok to make some changes on the first (and even second) version of your designs as it's almost impossible to get it perfect in one go. So please don't worry or panic if, when opening the email, you love the direction but want to see a second font or colour option for example :)

That said, if the designs come in and they're completely off base please don't run! Your stationer is there to bring your ideas to life – if they're not succeeding, let them know and you can get back on track. Remember that you chose your stationer for a specific reason and it's good to trust them and the process.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, we recommend the following:  

  • Sleep on it – don't email back the very moment you've opened the pdf and realised it's not on the right path. Take a moment, look back later and pay attention to the details – maybe there are some things that look lovely and it's just the overall colour that's not right. Or, perhaps, the style isn't what you had in mind but you like the way the text has been laid out. At the very least, even if on second look it's still completely wrong, you'll be in a calmer state when typing the reply ;)    

  • We're human – while we can completely understand the disappointment of receiving something that isn't what you had in mind, keep in mind that it is a process and that change is possible. You won't now be stuck with designs you don't like - your stationer should want you to be 100% over the moon happy with the final outcome and will be fully open to re-discussing the direction :) 

  • Keep chatting. Sometimes, in the creative process, we just need to take a step back, talk through the ideas again and re-look the brief. It's so easy to feel like now, because the first version was wrong, you're running out of time but allowing a bit of time for this process is so important. Read more about the importance of a good brief here and learn even more in our free stationery workbook

  • The best work often comes from delving deeper, great feedback and working together :) Sometimes it's those extra little details and personal touches that really make the stationery!

Let’s quickly summerise the above:

  • Take a moment to sit with the design and your thoughts before emailing your feedback.
  • Remember that your stationer is on your team and wants you to be 100% happy just as much as you do.
  • Keep chatting and be open to taking a step back to re-look the design before rushing ahead with no new direction.
  • Be willing to delve a bit deeper with your brief to create really beautiful stationery together!

In our next post we will be answering some of your wedding advice questions - keep an eye out for our Instagram poll to get your question on the list and, until then, happy planning!

The Swans